umm..creepy, much?


I have to tell you something. 
My roommate Kayla has 3 fish. 
Champion/Leroy, unnamed, and unnamed.
at approximately 6:00, all three fishies were swimmin' around all happily in their tank.
at 8:45, Kayla looks to her fish tank and sees all three fish a-floating at the top of the water.
all at the same time.
How the heck does that happen?! 
We must solve this mystery.
Oh, wait.
there is one survivor. 
It is not champion, however.
And he is in critical condition, being nursed back to health.
He just threw up his food.

Also, my Spanish teacher didn't assign homework today.
How lovely is that?
I'm off to watch the Office.

1 comment:

  1. how peculiar..
    i'm sorry for the loss.

    postscript. I love the picture you related this post with.