I'm cooler than I thought.


Kay. Guys. I'm so excited right now!
When you read this, you're probably going go think I am such a nerd.
I just finished my first batch of indexing! I only worked on it for 30 minutes and I did 50 names!
Isn't that cool?!
It probably actually doesn't sound cool to you...
But I swear if you gave it a try, you'd love it too.
It's a good feeling...
doing work for somebody that they can't do themselves.
(Think about that person that did the most ultimate thing for you, that you could NOT do yourself.
That's what got me going for it.)
For those of you who don't know what indexing is,
all you do is read these old, hard-to-read *censuses
and they take the information you uncover and eventually those become names that we do baptisms for at the temple!
I say...that you should all sign up and start! 
It doesn't take long, and you can do it whenever you want to.'ll feel good about yourself.
Plus! It's service! Service that doesn't include picking weeds for somebody...
okay? So go sign up. now. 
You can do so here.

Have fun! 

Love, Kay.

Notes: * I do not know how to spell the plural of census.

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  1. Kalynn I was so excited when I first did it too! Good job, I'm so proud of you :)