bring it on.


Guess what this week entails?
Monday- a trip to Lins for some groceries, and Spanish Oral studying.
Tuesday- Spanish oral at 11:05, playing with my sister and the niece and nephew until 2:30, baptisms at the St. George temple with this lovely girl and Ashley Shay Remund, and then lunch at Cafe Rio. mm. mm. mm!! Glee at 7:00 at Kortney and Paige's place. (wanna know a secret? The Boyfriend admitted to falling in like with Glee! yessss.)
Wednesday- classes. blah. but no Spanish! and probably some homework.
Thursday- boarding? maybe. I have to think about it. I'm so sick of the snow, that I may or may not be done for the season.
Friday- heading home! For ten days!! I love me some Spring Break.
What do you all have planned for the week?
--Kalynn Eve.
p.s. remember how I fell asleep on the grass in the sunshine on Saturday? two days ago? today= snow storm. Betcha can't guess who slipped and fell on their butt on their way to class.
ask me how much I like the snow.
I dare you. Have you seen Cinderella Man? I daresay it is one of the most inspiring flicks ever. You'd be stupid not to check it out.

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