4 a.m.


I woke up to Nathan smacking his lips, so I thought I'd go see if I could help make him more comfortable.
I sat up way too fast and fell backward off my bed. So I spent about 10 minutes laying on the floor crying at myself. Which turned into talking to myself. And telling myself jokes. And then I proceeded to laugh at myself. Because I actually thought I was funny.

By the time I walked into his room, Nathan was asleep again.

4 a.m. does terrible things to me.

at 7:00, I woke up so tired that I couldn't even remember my own name if you asked. I also thought my alarm clock was an atomic bomb, and it efforts to disable it and save all mankind, I hucked that thing across my room, where it came in crashing contact with my wall.

My name is Kalynn Petersen and I [do not] approve this message.


  1. hahahahahha! I think your funny, I laughed at this :) Hope your ok from the fall!

  2. hahaha thanks for the laugh Kalynn! :) hope you're having a great spring break!