Disclaimer: THIS IS NOT AN ANNOUNCEMENT. Not pregnant. Not married. Not even engaged, haha. Jake just wanted to do this pose for some reason. Must be a little baby hungry or something. Poor guy.

 Last night we were able to get together with our friends Berkley and Corey for dinner! Jake cooked up some of my favorite chicken and zucchini, they brought the most delicious salad and some chips and salsa. We were all fed real good last night! We wanted to finish the night off with a haunted hayride, but you would be surprised at how difficult those are to find on a week night! After searching through out options, we ended up heading down to Provo to McCoard's Corn Maze for a little hayride through the pumpkin patch and snagging some free pumpkins. We had a blast! Getting to hang out with these two is always a special treat for us. :) 
I feel so lucky to have such great friends!

Only two weeks left to fit in all the Halloween activities! 



I think I’ve been talking about how excited I am for Autumn since July. October is my favorite month, (I mean, my birthday is this month! It’s gotta be my favorite by default, ammiright?) and I look forward to it all year, every year. I love to fill it with as many Fall activities as I can! And Saturday, Jake was the one to make sure that happened. 

We started off our evening by taking a drive through the Alpine Loop. It is stunning this time of year! Also—you really can’t beat a drive with Jake. One of my favorite hidden talents of his is his rapping. I don’t know what it is, but I really love it when he starts rapping to some normal music, haha!  Once we made it to the end of the Loop, we went to Jake’s parents’ house where his dad had made H A N D S D O W N the BEST homemade chili that I’ve ever tasted. I’ve been talking to Jake about Chili for weeks I think, and this chili did not disappoint. I’m not kidding. I could go on and on. S O G O O D!!!  From there we headed up to Sundance again, but this time to do the zipline! If you haven’t done this, well…you really should. You get to go on a nice ride on the lift in the Full Moon light, and then you get to zipline back down! In the pitch black night. It was exhilarating and oh, so thrilling.  Afterwards we went home and turned on the Haunted Mansion, and I fell asleep in Halloween Heaven. 

On Sunday morning, we were able to go to my nephew’s baby blessing! Kailor is the cutest baby. I could hold him forever! He’s got the most darling dark hair, and it’s safe to say I’m obsessed. I mean, just look at him!! 

TIM + FAITH!!!!!!!


It was clear back in February that I bought two tickets for Cami and I to go see Faith Hill and Tim McGraw in concert. I wanted to give them to her for her birthday, which wasn't until May, so I had to keep them a secret for 3 months! THEN the concert wasn't until September 27th, so we had even longer to wait! FINALLY after what seemed like an eternity, the day came and we were able to fulfill a life-long dream of seeing Tim and Faith on tour. They blew our highest expectations out of the water! I was amazed by their talent, and literally brought to tears at one point by their love for each other, haha. It's so cheesy, but I'm just super proud of them for being famous and staying married for 21 years with no end in sight?! They're seriously just incredible people. It was the most incredible show. It's gotta be all downhill from here!