Halloween night was so much fun for me and my inner desire to be a mom, haha. We stayed in to have a dinner with Jake's friend Kyle and his date, and I got to pass out candy to all the little kids that came by! I loved seeing all of them in their cute costumes! The best part was when our nephews stopped by! This was the best October, and Jake helped me do everything I wanted to do. He's the best! Happy Halloween! --Now pass the turkey!! 

It was back in August that I bought tickets for Jake and I to go see Thriller at Tuacahn in St. George! I get so excited for it every single year! We had to drive down the morning of and then back home early the next morning, but I think it was worth it! 
(If you ask Jake, you might not get the same answer, haha. poor guy!) 


With only a few days left in October, I've been wanting to fit in as many of the Halloween activities as possible! We were finally able to carve pumpkins, right before the season ends! Nathan, Lance, and I went to the pumpkin patch to pick out a few good pumpkins before Jake came over. Once he met up with us, we turned on some Halloween music and got to carving! I did Frankenstein, Nathan did a ghost face, and Jake did Heisenberg, haha. It was so good to finally spend some time with Nathan. It had been TOO long, and I've really been missing him lately! 

A few days later, Jake and I went to the Haunted Forest, and DANG, was it scary! I may or may not have peed my pants a little....