I just had an epiphany. Gleek, much?


Throughout the day, I've had a lot of negative feelings about today.
-when it was time to get up for my workout, I had a hard time finding the motivation.
-while on my run, it seemed to take twice as long.
-for breakfast, I had to use the very end of the loaf of bread for my toast.
-I tripped over some kid's leg at the very front of the classroom filled with 108 students.
-My math teacher decided it would be cool to have a freshman sub for her and teach us today's you assume that went well?
-The boyfriend made me try a corn nut. yuck.
-I tried painting my nails FOUR times today, but each time I kept messing up.
-There was absolutely nothing edible to eat at the cafeteria for dinner tonight.
-Spanish homework takes forrrrevvvver. forever. forever.

And..then I realized that I'm not usually this pessimistic about my days, even when they go wrong. I figured that today must have been bad because of something that happened to me yesterday. And then I figured out what that something was.

Glee did not play yesterday. :(
No Sam for Kalynn.

hahaha. :) Who are my fellow gleeks?
By the way, today hasn't been too bad. I'm just stoked for tomorrow.

Best wishes for all of your tomorrows!
--Kalynn Eve.


  1. I'm a gleek!!! I missed seeing you guys yesterday :( Sam is a BABE. i love him! Next week :)

  2. NEXT WEEK KALYNN!!! You better come watch it with us!!!

  3. seriously kiln. when glee doesn't happen it puts a damper on the rest of the week. i hope we can get through it. i have faith in you.

  4. i. love. glee. 'nough said.

  5. Oh. My. Gosh. Why didn't it play??!?!?! I have been checking Hulu all day to see if they put it up. But it won't be there til next week. It's so pathetic that I was seriously discouraged.

    Hey, Kay. I like you. Just sayin.