What got left out.


There were some pictures/occasions that got left out of my blog during Spring break by accident.
I thought I'd fill you in now.

Matthew and I like to eat.
We especially like breakfast.
So we planned a brilliant breakfast of sausage, bacon, french toast, eggs, and smoothies.
We decided to be nice and invite Kels and Adam along too.

yeah, yeah. I'm hawwtt. Tell me about it.

Matthew took me out to Fazoli's, cause that's our place.
They just keep handing you breadstick after breadstick.
Would you think differently of me if I told you that we ate 10 by the end of the night?
Cause...we really did.
But in my defense, it wasn't 10 each.
Just...10 total.

Lastly, I finally got to go see my newest nephew:
Cole Nolan Johnson.
He's such an adorable baby!
He totally looks like a little man, doesn't he?
I'm such a lucky aunt.

And...that's it.
you will hear no more talk of Spring Break in these parts.
Summer break is coming in 6 weeks though.

--Love Always,

p.s. MOM: I forgot to bring that big box of goldfish to Cedar that you bought for me. Don't let Adam eat them.

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