Oh my gosh, those are sheep! I thought they were rocks.


I like Kelsey a lot.
So much, in fact, that I'll probably make her a bridesmaid if I ever get married.
Today she told me she'd be back from class at 3:00 so we could go get cupcakes.
I'd been craving one (some) all day. 
So at 3:08, I sent her a text.
"Getchur butt home! We need cupcakes!"
And then upon the realization that I hadn't been able to visit my sister this week,
We decided we'd go get our cupcakes in St. George at 25 main.
since it's the greatest place to get cupcakes and all.
Those little munchkins each ate two cupcakes a piece!  

I'm glad that I have a sister that let's me visit her so often.
And sometimes steal her kids and feed them lots of sugar.
I'm also glad I have a best friend that likes cupcakes as much as I do 
and is willing to drive an hour each way just to get some.
I also think the boyfriend likes it when I bring him home surprise cupcakes. :)

Happy Wednesday!

--Kalynn Eve.

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