saturdays rock my socks.


Today has been such a good day.

-I had a babysitting job that was supposed to go from 10-2:30, and I was supposed to leave when the older sister got back home, so the mom just left me a check for $45.00. Lucky me, the sister got back at 12:30! So I got paid $45, for only 2 and a half hours.

-When I got back to my room, Adam and Kelsey were playing a game of nuts. I joined in, and kicked their butts in only 3 rounds. (they had already even played a couple!)

-When it was time for homework, I drove around to find a good spot outside to lay out and do it, since it was such a beautiful day outside. I found the perfect spot right next to a baseball field where a game was going on. So I got to watch baseball AND do my 3 ridiculously long math assignments at the same time.

-I fell asleep out there on the grass. I woke up to a bunch of Asains surrounding me and talking loudly at me in Korean or something. I looked at them blankly and said "come on..I know you speak English." and then one says "we want to play soccer." And then I look around me and realize that I am laying in the middle of a soccer field, and a game is about to start. I got a lot of weird looks from the parents. haha.

-I came back home and read my scriptures. That's always a happy thing. :)

-I also wrote in my journal! It was about time...

-And now, the boyfriend should be home any minute, and I get to spend the rest of the night with him.

Did you have a good Satuday? Tell me about it!

Love, Kalynn.

p.s. Only one more week until Spring Break!!


  1. spent the day in Disney Worlds epcot center. have you ever been there? if not, you have to check it out. its a park full of culture! It sounds like your day was perfectly simple though. :) makes life lovely. :)

  2. i'm so pleased that you woke up in the middle of a soccer field.

    you would.