my body is retaliating against me!


I woke up with a swollen finger (finally managed to pry my ring off, 15 hours later. Owchhh!)
and a bruised knee.
My theory: my altar-ego is Chuck Norris.
Therefore, while I think I'm sleeping I'm really out bustin' caps and what not.
That explains the battered body parts.

No, actually. Today was SUCH a beautiful day outside, that I thought I'd run TO the gym, do my workout, and then run back home.
It's only 2 miles from my dorm to Gold's, ( I just checked on google earth.)
so the run there was a breeze.
Then I did my workout.
Did I mention that Thursdays are legs?
Not such a great run home.
Plus, the wind was totally conspiring against me.
To passersby, I probably looked I was purposely trying to run slow-motion.
Twas not the case.

Also, Kelsey and I did like...SIX climbs at the rock wall today.
My forearms are a-killin' me!

Anyway. The boyfriend just arrived with Brownies!!
I must depart.

Love to all,

Love, Kalynn Eve.

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  1. can i just say how much I love your blog. and especially how much i love hearing about your cute boyfriend, and how much you love him? You live a great life, by choice, and I LOVE reading about it. :)