1: I am thankful that my mother cared enough about me to take care of herself, so that i can be here. I love living. so much. & I owe most of it to her.
2: I'm so thankful that I got to hear the prophet speak yesterday. & that he once said, "If you want to live a happy, successful life, you must learn to love people and use things. Never love things and use people."
3: I'm thankful that I get to hear him speak again today.
4: I am thankful for advil.
5: I guess I'm thankful that I never got a job in Cedar City. Things don't work out when they're not supposed to. It would have prevented me from being able to visit home so much. And my loving parents help make things work anyway. for now.
6: I'm thankful for the babysitting jobs I was fortunate to acquire sometimes. They always came/come at the exact right moments.
7: I am thankful that I lived it Cedar City once. I won't ever do it again..but I'm thankful for the experience. I learned how much my parents do for me. and how much I can do on my own. I realized what true friends are. and that you really only need a few. and I also learned that my sister Julie and her husband Jon, my 6-year old niece, and my adorable 1-year old nephew are some of the best friends I will ever have.
8: I'm so thankful for my sister Julie. I don't know anybody like her. She never gives up on anybody, and she'll tell you do to the same.
9: And I'm thankful for all my nieces and nephews. I love being an Aunti. Good work with the reproduction, brothers and sisters!
10: I am thankful for Mrs. Van from Santa Clara Elementary. It's because of her that I want to teach 2nd grade.
11: I am thankful for Brielle Porter; my BSFF.
12: I am thankful for my cousin DJ and that he's going on a mission. He's such a good example to me. I'm so proud of him.
13: I am thankful that Matthew John Meyers loves me enough to come visit me EVEN when I bail on our plans because I'm too obsessed with my family..
14: I am thankful that I get to pray. any day. any time. and that I know I will get an answer, whether I like the answer I get or not.
15: I am thankful that BYU exists. And that I get to go there this fall. And that I will be SO much closer to my family. 
16: I am thankful that I got to go to Europe last years.
17: I am thankful that I am one of the lucky ones who get to get educated and go to college. cool-lege.
18: I am thankful for my family. I don't even think they know how thankful I am. But. I am.
19: I'm thankful for the "relationships" I've had with boys. They taught me what I do and do not want in a husband. And they taught me a lot, a LOT about myself.
20: I'm so thankful for my bed at home. If you've seen it, you know why.
21: I'm thankful for water. mmm. i love it. I feel like it's never going to stop coming. But someday, it probably will. and I'm thankful that day is not today. at least I hope it's not today..
22: I'm tankful for good music. And that there's still good people out there who make it.
23: I'm thankful for technology. I love typing and texting so much. And I'm thankful for Skype. And that when I'm away from the boyfriend, I can skype him, for free, for as long as I want.
24: I'm thankful that he loves me so much.
25: I'm just so thankful for Matthew David Ludlow. period.
26: I am thankful for swings and trampolines.
27: I am thankful for running. and that my body allows me to do so.
28: I am thankful for my car. He listens to me sing and he puts up with my everyday. And he's kept me safe thus far. knock on wood.
29: I am thankful for friendships that last a lifetime.
30: I'm thankful that I graduated from high school.
31: I'm thankful for missionaries.
32: I'm thankful that Abby was in my ward when I first moved here so that I could have a friend. And I'm thankful that she put up with me for 4 years. Even though I'm pretty sure that's all we get.
33: I'm thankful for Lauren Jones. We don't talk often, but I'm very inspired by her. And i really can't wait to be able to see her more often when I come to BYU.
34: I am thankful for early mornings.
35: I am thankful for sunny summer days with the kind of sun you can feel soaking through your skin.
36: I am thankful that I sometimes get zits on my face. Maybe it's supposed to keep me from being prideful.
37: I am thankful for churches and the smell in them. One of my favorite smells is that old wood/crayons smell that you inhale when you walk into old stake centers.
38: I'm so thankful for babies and how their freshness reminds me how pure Heavenly Father's love is.
39: I'm thankful I get to be a mother someday.
40: I am thankful for my dad and that he's such a good guy and that I can trust him. I know some girls don't get daddies like that, and it breaks my heart.
41: I am thankful for my brother Adam. Even though I still don't think he's learned how important I am to him yet.
42: I am thankful for my oldest sister. And that she is always the one to call me. I love knowing she loves me.
43: I am thankful for my brother Derek and that he always used to write me notes and leave them on my bed. That's when I learned how much more love family is capable of having than anybody else.
44: I am thankful for my brother Nathan. I owe him everything. everything.
45: I am SO thankful for photographs.
46: I am thankful that my mom called me when she was worried last night when it took me 40 minutes just to get gas.
47: I'm thankful that I was okay.
48: I am thankful that Berkley Sumner goes to the temple so much, because it always reminds me to go and makes me want to go more.
49: I am thankful for this scrapbooked quote Alexa Call made me in the 8th grade. I still have it on my magnet board, and it always reminds me to rely on Christ.
50: I'm thankful for Mormon Ads. And that there are enough to cover my entire wall.
51: I am thankful that I get to see the world in color. I love colors. Especially yellow.
52: I'm thankful for the clothes I have. I complain about them a lot, but I really am thankful for them.
53: I am so thankful for the people that are happy even when they have next to nothing. I want to give them most of my clothes, in exchange for a smile like theirs.
54: I am thankful that there is a fridge full of food upstairs, all waiting to be cooked into Conference Breakfast.
55: I am thankful for the face Matthew is making in his sleep right now over Skype. He is the absolute cutest.
56: I am thankful for love. I feel like everything that happens, both good and bad, is because of LOVE.

Your turn!!



  1. Kay. I am so thankful for you. Thank you for this helped me evaluate what I am truly thankful for in this world. I can't wait til you live up here and we can talk and play. I can't tell you how much I look up to you.

    I love you.

  2. Kay,
    I read every single one of these. Thank you for the reminder of how much all I should be thankful for in my life. We are pretty fortunate to have the things we have now, I am so blessed to have positive friends like you!! You are always so happy and I can tell you LOVE life, I look up to that so much, and makes me want to have that attitude more with everything going on so thank you! You really have such a sweet spirit about you and influence more people then you will ever know.
    Love Berk