I'm at this weird point in life.

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I can make choices that won't have lasting consequences.
Yet at the same time, I am making some of the most important decisions that will very much affect my future.

I am young enough to skip town when annoyed with the pressures of people trying to conform me.
But old enough to be tied down by commitments and responsibilities.

I can blame my urges to live off of goldfish crackers on the carefree spirit of adolescence, 
However, those spirits must be muted in the maturity of this thing I hate to call "adulthood."

I can give my heart to those whom I know will simply break it.
Whilst still looking for the one that will guard it for eternity.
**No, Matt won't break my heart. And No, I'm not still looking.
I'm just saying.


I've been schizophrenic with my feelings lately.
One second I'm twitter-patted.

The next, I'm annoyed.
I'm happy.
Then I'm sad.
It makes sense,
then it's a mess.
It's very paradoxical, this life.

But I count my blessings.
And when it comes down to it, the Lord gives me exactly what I ask for.
Sometimes I just find myself asking for the wrong things.
So I really can't complain.

For those of you who follow my scripture blog I'm sorry for neglecting it this weekend.
There was just so much to do.
I am dying for summertime.

 And now, As I confine myself to my room for the rest of the evening
with too much to do,
I bid thee adieu. 

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  1. kalynn you just explained how i'm feeling word for word. i love you. thanks. :) glad to know there's someone out there feeling the same.