Cheating isn't cool, guys.


boy and girl

For some reason, every time my brother Adam and I go some place together, the world thinks we are a couple. Adam came down to Cedar City today, and he took me out to lunch at Cafe Rio! Which was, as always, very delicious. After we were done eating, we walk out of the restaurant and Adam says "wait..I have to pee." So we walk back in and I wait by the door while he uses the little boys' room. As I'm patiently waiting by the door, a girl I recognize from a class, but don't know her name, walks up to me. Our conversation went a little bit like this:

Girl: I'm just voicing my opinion here, but cheating ISN'T cool.
Kalynn: ....huh?
Girl: I see you walking around campus every day holding hands with some cute guy, and now you're here with ANOTHER guy. I'm positive that your boyfriend would NOT appreciate this. It seriously IS NOT cool to cheat on nice guys.
Kalynn:....this guy is my brother....?...
Girl: oh...

yeah. lesson learned.


  1. hahahahah sad!!! I bet she was so embarrest

  2. hahahahahahahhahahahahhaahaha that is the best thing i have ever heard in my life :)