Tips to a happy life.


1. Don’t say “yes” when you mean “no.” It’ll make you resentful. Say what you mean and mean what you say.
2. When driving, if someone wants to get in front of you, let him in front of you. And do it with a smile. It’ll make his day better, and it’ll make you feel good. You just changed the world.
3. Try to make a mental gratitude list each day. Include big things and little things.
4. Don’t be a problem solver when a friend just wants you to be a listener.
5. Call your parents or grandparents. Sometimes, a five-minute phone call is all they need to feel loved.
6. Be a good neighbor: Be considerate inside and outside your home/apartment so your noise doesn’t bother those around you. 
7. Pee in the shower. If we each did this once a day, it would save an enormous amount of water and toilet paper (trees).
8. Write a letter. Tell someone you know, or someone you’ve never met, why you admire him or her. You’ll make someone’s day.
9. Curb your jealousy. Be happy for others.
10. Be willing to be wrong. If someone has a grievance with you, really try to see her point of view. If called for, apologize. It’s hard to do, but it feels really good. And even if it doesn't feel good, it makes life so much easier.
11. If you are in a room with someone you don’t know, introduce yourself right away. It takes away the social discomfort immediately.
12. Pick a cause close to your heart, and get involved. You don’t have to quit your job and dive in headfirst. Just get involved on some level and do what you can when you can. Go slightly beyond your comfort zone, but don’t overextend yourself.
13. Be a good friend to your friends. Tell them what’s good about them, that you appreciate them, and make the effort to spend time with them.
14. Enjoy everything in moderation.
15. Do your best to think good thoughts. They affect your health, happiness, and the people around you.
16. Do something frivolous for someone you love. (It doesn’t have to be extravagant.) It feels so good to do nice things for other people, it’s almost selfish!
17. Practice accepting compliments. The person complimenting you is giving you a gift. Receive it graciously, even if it is difficult.
18. Be generous with your compliments. Say nice things when they occur to you.
19. Forgive those who have wronged you. Holding onto anger and resentment poisons your body and your life. There are no benefits in staying mad. Let go. It’s okay.
20. Forgive yourself. It’s okay to be imperfect and to have made mistakes. Try to do better, that’s all.

Tips to a happy life, by Rory Freedman.

Love, Kalynn.


  1. oh this is so wonderful. i love it!

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