love, Kalynn.


Dear Brielle,
You are my BSFF.
You are trying just as hard as I am
to get me a job. 
Therefore, I love your guts.
<3, Kalynn. 

Dear Next Week,
I can't wait to go to the temple
and have a slumber party with my sister.
I'm not looking forward to losing a quarter of a tank of gas...
but at least I don't have to walk.
<3, excited Kalynn.

Dear Satan,
You are a douchebag.
I want to kick you where it counts
and throw gummy bears at your head.
Good thing I already know some people who 
are taking care of that.
no <3, Kalynn.

Dear Cell Phone,
If you dare allow the stupid back thing of you
to fall off ONE more time, so help you.
<3, Not happy Kalynn.

Dear Tad R. Callister,
Thank you for writing such a beautifulbook.
"The Infinite Atonement" makes me happy.
<3, Kalynn.

Dear Mama,
It's weird that I'm not home this weekend, isn't it?
<3, Kalynn.

Dear BYU computers,
please accept the transcripts that I sent you
in January, so that I don't sign up for credits
that I have already received. 
much <3, Kalynn.

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