Bring it on.


Recently, I have been indebted to a life of servitude - with the slave owner being SUU.
He (with violent force, mind you) manipulates me into giving away epic portions of my life to
textbooks, exams, and lectures on how mechanical pencils are forbidden on text day. 
"Umm hi...,mechanical pencils are my weapon-of-choice in brutal combat, such as my history final. Suck."

Anywho. Kalynn's leetle brain needed a big break.

Then Matthew and I went to the St. George Temple.
The baptismal font room enjoyed our reverent company for the perfect amount of minutes.

And suddenly, Kalynn's little brain feels like it can take on these final two and a half weeks of the semester.


  1. :) I was there too today, I must have barely missed you! The Temple is amazing. I hope your finals go well! Yeah for Summer!

  2. I really like this post Kay. Put everything into perspective for me. It's great how the gospel can give us so much strength! Good luck with finals, can't wait until you are a Cougar. :)