My mind is discombobulated in its thoughts right now.


I am looking forward to next Thursday. It will be one heck of a celebratory day for Kalynn Eve Petersen.
I am also looking forward to my birthday. I have to milk it for all its worth.
Tonight I rediscovered Muse and realized how much I have missed them.
Water for Elephants really IS such a good movie. Go see it, people.
I kind of feel like baking right now. 
It's wayyy past my bedtime. Not counting Thursday night when I stayed up until two, this is most definitely the latest I have been up in some time. I don't know why my sleeping patterns resemble those of grandparents.
I wish it were possible to get all test grades back instantly.
I keep thinking about how lucky I am to have a bed like mine.
I wish I had a baby. Which is a problem, cause I don't want a husband. haa.
I want cherries.
I misssssss Matthewwwwwwwww.
I need to stop complaining and focus on more positive things. Like cinnamon rolls and apple juice. but not together.

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