Kalynn Eve 2011.


Hello. My name is Kalynn Eve of 2011.
I am the same Kalynn Eve from 2010,
just a few days older, and zero days wiser.
I am a nerd, disguised in appreciation for
things other than writing and literature.
However, I still treasure the two, near and dear
to that palpating thing we call a heart.
I like to sing.
I'm not that great.
But contrary to public opinion,
we are not expected to excel in everything we love.
How would we ever learn?

My resolutions this year include:
ONE: Get a job and become more self sufficient.
TWO: Get to bed earlier on school nights.
THREE: P90X. :) yeah!!
FOUR: Write a thank you note to someone every day.
FIVE: Make new friends.
& more.

And to share the pictures from last night:

Seren: Hitler. Laur: French [wo]man. Kalynn: Crazy person.

cute, cute Lauren.
She's the greatest thing ever.

YUCK, Kalynn. I know. But..whatevs. He looks good.

Some of my favorite girls.

Happy New Year, everyone.
Let's make it a great 2011!!


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  1. I liked your "hello" address. :) Especially the part where you said, "we are not expected to excel in everything we love."