The world is a happy place if you so choose to allow it to be.


Kalynn's Happy List:

1: Every day I get the chance to be better than I was yesterday. Thank-fetching-goodness.
2: Shared joy is double joy, yet shared sorrow is half sorrow. Isn't that a great concept?
3: I am a woman. If I'm ever on a ship and it sinks, I get to get off first. I can hug my best friends without anyone thinking I'm gay. If I don't shave for a couple days, no one knows. Womanhood is the life.
4: My brother comes home in 11 days. After 2 full years of away time, I'm ready to finally meet my new-and-improved best friend.
5: Both Emily and I are getting good at Call of Duty. Right now, Emily and I are taking turns playing with Matthew. I get to spend more time with the boyfriend doing something he loves, AND I get to chill with Em. sa-weeeet. Nuketown? Favorite map.
6: Having the freedom to choose my preferred pizza place. Emily got her pizza from Pizza Hut. Matthew chose Papa Murphy's. I chose Little Caesars. num num num.
7: The Office. I know I've talked about it in basically every post since it became a part of my everyday, but..I just can't get enough of it. Especially when coupled with popcorn.
8: The Hawaiian style version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." It puts a smile on my face that lasts for days.
9: Picnicking. Not that I have been on a picnic as of any recent time...but looking forward to being able to do so makes me giddy.
10: Having nieces and nephews. AND being able to see them. Sammy says "Kee..." which, I am 100% sure means Kalynn.
11: Getting better at yoga. On the P90X DVD, Tony actually makes us to Ohms...haha. Absolutely fantastic, I'm tellin' ya.
12: Snowboarding clothes. Even though this snowboarding season sucks right now, there's just something about baggy, insulated clothing that makes my heart race.
13: Nutter Butters during film class. There's nothing like watching Juno whilst eating Nutter Butters with the boyfriend. Oh, except for maybe taking the nutter butter apart, and taking an Oreo apart and putting one of each together..


  1. I'm excited that we are both getting better at Yoga and C.O.D. as well!! :) I've loved spending today with you and reading this fantastic blog post. I hope it snows so we can board again soon! :) Love you kay!

  2. Oooooo! I want to try that Oreo/nutter butter cookie. Sounds way good!