Don't be that person


..who aligns their opinions with those surrounding them.
..who is afraid to be bold.
..who allows others to dictate who they feel they need to be.
..who believes happiness has a price.
..who doesn't eat sugar..
..who takes 97 minutes to get ready.
..who needs to wash their hair EVERYDAY.
..who refuses to laugh at his/herself.
..who rolls their eyes at this post.

BE that person

..who has something to believe in.
..who is not scared of what other people think.
..who has hopes and dreams; ambitions and hopes.
..who recognizes that happiness is a choice.
..who has self-control to enjoy things in moderation.
..who is confident with who they are.
..who understands that no one cares about how shiny your hair is.
..who realizes no one can do this alone.
..who knows they are a son/daughter of God.
..who accepts they are not perfect; and that it is perfectly acceptable.
..who smiles and thinks to his/herself "ah...I AM that person."


  1. You are "that" person! I love you Kalynn thanks for always being you.

  2. So...I should be that person...aka you? Okay. I try. Because you're the epitome of perfect my dear. I miss you!

  3. i love this post! thanks miss kalynn!

  4. i like this, like lots ;)
    your matthew is a lucky man :)