Just A Disclaimer:


To the man who decides to marry me:

After the day we say "I do" to each other, it is very likely that your BAD luck is about to increase exponentially. It's not exactly my fault. Somehow, the worst-of-luck things always, always happen to me.

i.e. TODAY.

I was walking through the middle of campus
and I decided to send a "good morning!"
text to Matthew.
I push the little green send button,
and then accidentally drop my phone.
So, naturally, I crouched down to pick it up.
Before I stand up again, I look up
just in time to see a biker run right into me.
No lie.
The front tire actually kept spinning while it was on my face.
Yes, it did hurt.
Yes, there were skid marks on my face.
Wanna know the best part?
He just gets back on his bike and yells,
"Watch where you're going!"
Like I was the one out of place?!
I was the pedestrian.

That's just my luck.
so good luck.
you'll need it.

Love always,
your Kalynn.

1 comment:

  1. I hope the tire mark on your face goes away :) Oh kalynn...your stories. I just love you!