Physically, I feel like poop.


I have no energy.
I am utterly exhausted.
My body temperatures fluctuate like Katy Perry.
My head throbs.
My hands shake.
And my two-year-old attention span has been even more easily frustrated.


In other news,

Today I had the most dry and boring algebra lecture I have ever been to in my life.
So instead of peeling my eyelids open and trying to stay awake/focused, I just paid attention to the random things other people were doing in class.

Lots of face-booking.
One girl was crocheting a scarf.
Lots of people texting.
but one thing caught my attention.
And thus I spent a solid 24 minutes watching the boy in front of me play tetris while our professor lectured on.
I found myself getting unreasonably irritated whenever he'd put a block in the wrong place.
I mean, he passed up an opportunity to vanquish four lines in one go; nOOb.

I need some new distractions.
That, or a better attention span.

{or both?}

I also had a solid conversation with my cheese tonight. I don't think that's normal.


Can I make it until 8:00 for soup and quesadilla dinner and daily viewing of The Office with Matthew?


Oh, uh...Love, Kalynn.

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  1. Everything you feel. I feel. Today during class I spent an hour and fifteen minutes playing scrabble. Against the computer. Uh. yea. hah.