Shredicles of Gnarnia.


I just spent the day boarding with some of the coolest kids you ever did meet.
And guess what?
Said boarding did NOT, I repeat, NOT go down on the bunny hill.
Not even on the advanced bunny hill.
Said boarding went down at Giant Steps.
That's right.
and my first day on Giant Steps mountain really improved my abilities.
I learned a lot, but mostly had a great time on the mountain with dear friends.Pictured above is me and my boy.
a.k.a (by our shredding budz) PB&J and pink bottom.

Pinky here can shred the gnar. hard.
Throwin 720's post 50-50 board slide on a kink rail.
Ohkay.. not really.
But he'll get there by the end of the season.
If kink rails exist at Brian Head...??

Next we've got Turtle Beach//Green Bean and Red Board.
He reeeally needs a new name.

Little speed demons they are.
However, they're nice enough to keep it a tad slow for me.
:) :)

Hey, Turtle Bean.
You totally got that 180.
don't sweat it.

Got it?

And here's some Turtle Bean and PB&J.
I love me some Turtle. :)

And quickly, I'd just like to add that snow conditions were prime.
And frolic-ing on a mountain with people who don't even care what you look like?
Best. thing. ever.

Thanks for the day, team!
Love, Kalynn Eve.


  1. Looks like loads of fun!!!! You are so freakin legit Kay ;)

  2. what a legit day it was. grad-e-ation from the bunny hill....and shreddin the slopes with the best people in the world! Couldn't have been better~ thanks kay love you :)

  3. oh my gosh. can i be just like you? adorable. stinkin adorable. as always :)