Is it wrong how excited I am for today?


It's not a SUPER special day, but I am all smiles.
I get done with classes at noon,
which always happens on Tuesdays and Thursdays,
but it's even better today because
yesterday was a 5-classes-in-a-row day,
and a bunch of us are going to Cafe Rio for lunch.
I'm going to visit my sister, something I did less than a week ago,
but have the need to do again.
I have errands to run, and they are the fun kind.
I have yoga to do with Emily, one of the greatest kids you'll ever meet.
I have a meeting tonight; one with rad people.
There is a potential trip to my bed with a new book to read.
And a definite viewing of The Office with the boyfriend.
& I've already kicked today off with a good 30 minute scripture-reading session!
I love today.

Is there anything good going for YOU today?



  1. Kay! Why? Just...why. Are you perfect? It's normal that I got excited just reading about your day. Wow...that should tell you how exciting my day is.

  2. Ya there sure is! My day is wonderful as well because we went to Cafe Rio and we are gonna yoga it up with one of the best girls in the world?! I got myself a mat Kay! love you