it's almost 7:25.


I got my top rope sticker today!
That means that I am becoming a kick butt rock climber.
Becoming, I said.
My shin hurts from when my arms got so shaky that I couldn't hold on anymore and I fell,
all the while scraping my leg against the rock wall.
P90X was easier when I first started than it was today.
Don't ask why.
Probably because it was a Monday?
I'm getting extremely sick of cafeteria food..
Tomorrow's weather forecast for Brian Head
equals FRESH powder. :]
How did Emily even get awesome muscles like those in her legs?
Math test on Wednesday.
History test on Friday.
Political Science test next Monday.
Adam comes homes next Tuesday.
I've got such a cool family...
I really really really really really really wish I'd never ever cut my hair.
I hate short hair.
I'll never do it again.
I'm so, so, so sick of cafeteria food.
Every time I inhale I smell laundry detergent.
The only thing one has done laundry in these parts in ages.
I think my senses are conspiring again me.
Yuck. I hate the cafeteria food.


^^Regurgitation of the last 75 seconds of my consciousness. ^^

I'll say it: I miss living the St. George desert. I loved living in a world that was painted red. Even though it lacked all things green and any hint of the seasons winter and fall, It was perfect. On days like today I just miss it. Days when the world is pushing past you and all you want do to is sit, drink chocolate milk through a straw, and let your thoughts have a 30 minute recess from engulfing your brain entirely.

It's days like these that I hate this barren ice-land called Cedar City.

But it's fine.
It's days like tomorrow when I'll love it.


  1. i love how positive and simple you are. :) i love reading this blog. :)

  2. hey. we need a whitney tristan and kalynn reunion. majorly.