Until we meet again.


This week has been my week to see all of my dear old AF friends that I rarely get to see now that I've moved down to SUU.
{um. Guess what. I don't think I'll stay down there next year.}

It was Taco- Tuesday- plus -Sunny- D with my dear friends

{In order of appearance}
Matthew Meyers,
Seren Bezzant,
and Jordan Gunderson.
{& Matthew Ludlow..duhhhh.} -- [not pictured.]

And then Wednesday was the oh-so-long-needed Girls night with all of my favorites!!

Meet Lauren Jones:
We met on the first day of school our sophomore year, and I have grown to love her more and more every day since! She's hilarious, GORGEOUS, and she'll probably care about you more than any person on the planet.
And by that, I just mean that she's super sweet.

And then there's these lovely ladies.
Check out Shmelb. and her awesome blood red hair.
It's especially cool when coupled with a green beanie.
And Alyssa and Robin in all their glory.
I miss them all so much!

Sadly, I didn't get to take group photos, because my camera died.
It's a retard.
And Lauren has yet to blog the pictures I asked for.

Oh, I forgot. Monday I got to see my boys Jonny Walker and Stephen Hill.
:( Forgot the camera.
But still; a joyous occasion nonetheless.

I just wanna say..that all is well with me, for I got to see
many of those whom are very dear to me.

Plus, tonight is New Years Eve!
And everyone I haven't seen yet, will be at the parrrttty.

Love, Kalynn Eve.

p.s. Who thinks it's funny when Michelle Corrinne says,
"Let's go in a circle and each say something we like about our physical appearance."

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