Let's be real.


Life can be hard.
In fact, there are times when life can seem downright impossible.
Trials are placed before us just when we feel as though we're on our last straw.
And then it gets harder.

This has been a phenomenon that has forced many people away from religion, leading to the question:
"How can God allow this?"
Their inability to answer this oftentimes leads to dismissal of a God, entirely.

Well. Let me tell you.
Heavenly Father is real. He does exist. And he allows us to experience such obstacles because he knows we can overcome them.
He knows us better than anyone else.
He does not give us that which we cannot surmount.
He hedges up our paths so that we may reap the blessings of overcoming our hardships.
He places pains, sorrows, and sadness in our lives so that we may come to more fully know and appreciate joy, love, and happiness.

I'm always humbled to look at those around me.
In fact, I often feel silly for complaining.
Is my life perfect? Absolutely not.
Do I struggle? Everyday.
Could it be worse? Always.

It could always be worse.

But even in those situations where we doubt the truth of such a principle, it must be remembered that our Savior atoned for us so that we don't have to carry that burden alone.

And it is my testimony of that principle that makes trials seem conquerable.

And if you don't have such a testimony, I invite you to gain one.

It's the simplest process,
which reaps the most significant blessings.

"I find myself saying 'it's not fair' so often, and then one day I realized that the biggest blessings in our lives is that it's not fair. If it were all fair, we would have had to have suffered in the garden and on the cross just like Jesus did so that we could say that it's fair. But since we didn't have to suffer, it isn't fair. And that's a miracle."
-A good friend's comment that always makes my day.

Love, Kalynn.


  1. The new blog is amazing. Love the simplicity :) Thanks for posting this, its something I needed to read right now. Love you Kay.

  2. I just posted a my life is hard post before reading this, oh the irony. haha

  3. I needed this today. Thanks Lynners.

  4. my cousin is too cool for school.
    which is why she's on BREAK right now and we need to play! but we've already established this haha :)
    and ps,
    stop making your blog so much cuter than mine!!!
    or teach me how to make mine cooler.