Another day.


Look at them.
Please, revel in their beauty.
I have.
Both are prime for one reason. (reason beyond their beauty.)
that reason?: They will cost (including bindings and boots) the exact same amount as it would to rent a board, bindings, and boots for one season.
That means, I can get one of them!

Tell me. Which do you like better?
I savor in the opinion of others.
ha. Just kidding.
It's just fun to get others' opinions before making an important decision.
Such as which board I will use for probably a long long time.
so tell me.

I feel like there aren't enough hours in a day.
You know what I need?

I need to move to Alaska; it's day time all the time.
I need more hours in a day; all I do is clean and tend people. I need time for my friendies.
I need to tell those whom I love how much I appreciate them; that should never go unsaid.
I need sleep; boyfriend staying up all night playing COD= lots of random texts waking Kalynn up every half hour until 6:00 in the morning.
I need a brain transplant; mine is cooped up with bogus information-and i think it broke...or perhaps I am getting dumber...
I need a more sufficient income; snowboarding is an expensive hobby. School is an expensive hobby as well.
I need to breathe. And remember how wonderful life is, as I make do with what i have. For what I have is all I really need.

--Kalynn Eve.


  1. The third one. The black with the swirls :)

  2. oh wait. haha. there are only two there. It's just a front and back view. :) so the second one? I think I'm leaning towards that one too.

  3. Oh man. I was debating about commenting because I actually kind of like the first one :) But either one is fantastic. Very perfect for boarding.
    Love you!

  4. I love the second one! I really want to get into snowboarding too. Drew is in love with it. lol I just bought some pants the other day. I am making my way just like you. haha