You know what I wish came back into style?


1: Metal lunch boxes. Power Rangers were my weapon o'choice. Alongside my snack pack vanilla pudding and peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwhich, heavy on the PB. Kind of a bid deal...

2: Yo-yo's. I need to take up a lazy man's sport. And it's too cold outside for golf. ;)

3: Colored band-aids. I remember feigning injuries on the playground just so I could sport those little neon beauties. People only thought I was accident prone, when in reality, I was pure first-grade genius.

4: Juice boxes. The Capri Sun thing is a joke. You're just asking for an injury. Please-stab-pointy-straw-into-pressurized-juice-bag. I was always the dumb kid who stabbed through both sides on accident....equivalent to a liquid failure. That, or took a kiwi strawberry fountain to the eye.

5: Cootie shots. I miss the ultimate promise of immunity.

Things that should stay out of style:

1: Myspace. Also known as Mexico-space of the interwebs.

2: NOW CD's. What number are they on? 157? We have ipods these days (and ipads) and things such as torrents. I

3: Heelys. Pure brilliance? Yes. Also the ugliest way to break your coccyx? Yes, as well.

4: Dial-up internet. "EEEEERRRRRR-errrrr-eeeeeeee-ccccxcxcxcxcxcx" You know how it goes. I remember tip-toeing to the computer and trying to suffocate the modem with a pillow so I wouldn't get caught sneaking onto MSN. Don't tell me you didn't do it, too.

5: Rolley back-packs. The handle was always an awkward length, made for the vertically challenged (not including me.) I always rolled over on my heels as I was strutting through the hallways. Yes, I had one. Yes, mine had Esmarelda from "the Hunchback of Notre Dame" on it. No, I will never admit that again.

6: Furbys. The most demonic creature ever created by a toy company. Wee-tah-kah-loo-loo. Take it's batteries out and it still talks! To-Heck-that-needs-to-be-banned.

Love, Kalynn Eve.

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  1. haha Kaylynn you are so cute. and I love your blog :)