J. Henson Walker.


The J stands for Jon.

I was once asked "if you had to be stranded on an island with only one person in the entire world of your choosing, who would you choose?"

My answer? Jon Walker.

He's the absolute greatest thing to hit this planet. Ever since I met him my sophomore year, we've been the best of friends. He's the kind of person that comes up to you, without ever having met you, and says "Wait. Your last name is Petersen? I'm in love with your brother Adam!!! I want to embrace him!!"

We spent a majority of our junior year singing love songs, mostly "A Whole New World", to each other. And although I had a boyfriend at the time, I secretly crushed on Jon. I still secretly crush on Jon, actually. :) haha. I always got to stand by Jon Jon in choir, because he was the tallest tenor, and I was the tallest alto. I don't know if anyone ever noticed, but we always held hands during choir concerts to see if Mrs. Warby ever saw, and if you look really closely in our group choir photos, we are holding hands in those too. We'd go to JCW's and talk about our kissing stories, (Cause we're the "kiss and tell" kind of people.) We always had the greatest time at JCW's together.

Once, I took him to Sadies when the theme was "Sadies in the 80's." Do you know that Jon is so popular, that I had to ask him in OCTOBER? The dance wasn't even until MARCH! But I knew he would get asked, so in october I told him I was taking him to Sadies. We wore matching Michael Jackson shirts, cause we both love the King of Pop. and don't worry. Jon wore really short shorts too. (under those
longer shorts.)

I'll never forget all the really good times we had on choir tours. From the time Jon almost drowned me in the pool at our hotel in Washington DC Sophomore year, to the time when he let me (forced me) rub his naked stomach at the beach Junior year, to playing nintendo games on the bus ride to California Senior year. There was never a dull moment with Jon.

And then Jon and I graduated together, but we've stayed good friends so far. Sometimes when I come home for a visit, I go to his house and we sit on his porch and talk while our other friends fight and run around in the dark. Sometimes he tells me that "my brother is also my father." Sometimes he gives me nose blows. And sometimes, like yesterday, he comes over and we talk for hours about lost love, new love, friends, enemies, and plays that he's in. (everyone should go see Savior of the World at the Conference center. Jon's in it. Even though the tickets are "sold out" you can actually go buy your tickets for 8 bucks if you just go up at 6:30 and say you don't have a ticket. They'll sell you one then and there.) We talk about good times in high school, and about his upcoming mission.

Jon... thanks for coming to all the weird stuff I've invited you to since we've been friends. (the banana party, ice cream party, krispy kremes party, spring break morning movies, reesees smores party...........everything. You've been an exceptional friend. I think that California is an AWESOME mission, and don't you let anyone tell you otherwise, kay? You're going to be great. Those people are waiting for you! I am so excited for you! I'm going to write you allll the time, so you better be ready. You're one of the greatest friends I've had. I'm so lucky to be able to say we've been friends. Let's be friends for a lot longer, mkay?

I can't wait until you marry my brother and we become in-laws.

Love you, Jon Jon.

Love K.


  1. I like this boy.
    And I don't even know him.

  2. I like this boy too. A lot.
    In fact, I love this boy.