See, every Wednesday, I write my missionary friends..


and my work load is about to increase significantly.

, missionaries, missionaries.
So many of my friends are going on Missions super soon!
Isn't that so exciting?!

Basically, the next 1,000 Sundays of my life comprise of missionary farewells.

Zachary Pendleton,- Singapore: Malay and Indonesian speaking.
Drew Hemsley-Geneva, Switzerland: French speaking.
Joshua Stewart- Asuncion, Paraguay: Spanish speaking.
Jacob Cooper-Tokyo, Japan: Japanese speaking.
Corey Jackson-Mexico City, Mexico: Spanish speaking.
Austin Woodfield-Guatemala City, Guatemala: Spanish speaking.
Jordan Saltmarsh: Kyiv, Ukraine: I'm not sure what he'll be speaking.
Michael Stanley: Seoul, Korea: Korean speaking.
Brad Dorius: Seoul, Korea: Korean Speaking.
(yes, they are best friends going to the same exact mission!)
Matt Finn: Harare, Zimbabwe: ENGLISH speaking. haha.

Can you believe that not ONE of those guys is staying in the states?!
I'm beginning to believe that they don't even send missionaries inside America anymore!

I'm so excited for all of them's so crazy!

and do you know what ELSE?!

Remember this handsome guy?
{the one on the left}
He comes home in 5 months.

I'm significantly excited for that one.

With love from your very happy friend,
Kalynn Eve.


  1. haha ahh so many missionaries! i love it. you are good to write them... i wrote adam once! haha. and i write josh sometimes and that's about it... but i'm gonna learn korean with brad and mike! i'm so excited for them! yay missionaries!

  2. YAY for missionaries! isn't it so great:) i love it!! SO much