I LOVE Jamba Juice..


It's kind of an obsession..

Even though Jamba Juice is 20 minutes away in Orem, we still find our way over there quite a bit.

Meet the Crew: {And their flavors}
Matthew Dono "Sparky" Finn: Chocolate Mood.
Abigail Jade Richards: Peanut Butter Mood.
Matthew Meyers: nothin.
Myself: Banana Berry.

And then of course..There was a Savers across the parking we decided to go dress/suit shopping. The results were fantastic.

See for yourself.

I have a really great time with my friends. Even when they are too obsessed with the slug bug game so my body is covered in bruises. Because they make my life.

Thanks guys. :)
Love, Kalynn.


  1. uh... Kalynn let's find a better wedding dress then that one. It just doesn't do you justice sweetheart...