In case you didn't know..


I'm Kalynn.
1. I like to be very punctual to EVERYTHING. everything. I don't believe in being "fashionably late".
2. but I don't like to be rushed.
3. I will most likely remember everything you ever say to me. I just do.
4. my favorite scriptures are 2 Nephi 2:11 & John 14:18, in no particular order.
5. I will attend SUU in the fall and I will absolutely love it. I know I will. It's gonna be FUN.
6. I love learning.
7. what I do.
8. On my calendar, I write down what I did that day. And then I save it at the end of the year. I still have my very first calendar from 5 years back. With everything I did that year on each day.
9. I often brush my teeth in the shower. while I'm letting my conditioner soak in. Just to save time.
10. I tend to worry about things either too much or too little.
11. I have way to many clothes. Most of which I should give to someone less fortunate than me. But I sometimes feel like my clothes have memories. memories which I don't want to forget. memories which I'd hate to give up. I know I should give them away anyway..we'll see.
12. I used to lose things a lot. I still do. but i think I'm getting better at finding them.
13. I took piano for 6 years, but I didn't have the self discipline {like Julie} to practice enough. I didn't even make it to level two.
14. Julie is my sister. The second oldest of the six children. She produced my first niece, and my first nephew.
15. Sometimes, i drive around aimlessly. listening to whatever happens to be my favorite song on that day over and over and over. I sing with it. even though the windows are down. I come back home when I'm sick of the song. And then I get sad that I wore out my favorite song.
16. I'm antsy. But I don't always have to be doing something. Matt is grateful for that.
17. I can make some REALLY. ugly. faces.
18. Aaron says I'm touchy. I like giving out hugs, pats on the back, & kisses on the forehead and cheeks.
19. BUT. I do NOT like to give high fives. Those bug me. Don't ask me why. I don't even know.
20. I'm extremely indecisive. I know that's an unlikable character trait. I wish I wasn't. I drive myself crazy. But even the tiniest choices are an important part of life.
21. I don't believe in hand sanitizer. I highly doubt it works. Mostly, it just just rubs those germs around. Ask Matt. He knows.
22. I mean Matt Ludlow. He's my best friend. He's been stuck with me most everyday this summer so far. But we have fun.
23. Abigail is my other bestie. But she's a full time worker now. I miss her lots of times. She's a beauty.
24. My mom. FREAKS. about EVERYTHING. she's a little nuts. But I have a great great great BIG amount of love for that woman. She birthed me. She fed me. She's always giving and never ever taking. She is a beautiful human being.
25. My oldest sister, Melissa, is like my second mother. She took care of me during those few months when my mama lived at the hospital. She still takes care of me. Always has. Always will.
26. My time perception is actually very sketchy. That could have been a week or two. But I could swear it felt like months, so I believe it was.
27. I'm not a big milk fan. but chocolate milk? well, I'm it's BIGGEST fan.
28. I feel you meet every single person in your life for a reason. And that they are part of your life for that moment in time because you are supposed to learn from each other. Therefore, I become really attached to people and it takes me a long time to move on from them completely.
29. It's actually kind of abnormal how much I love to love people. Even this lady at walmart one time who told me not to give that strange man gas money cause it was dangerous. She was just taking care of me, you know? She was so nice...
30. I love to play games. All games. Even the ones I hate. I get that from my mother.
31. I love composition notebooks, because Abby and I turn them in to the Blender or the Waffle Iron.
32. The Blender is basically a journal that I share back and forth with Abby, and we share our thoughts on each others lives and feelings. We're currently on Blender #3. I wish she'd write back real soon.
33. The Waffle Iron is the same thing, only a 4-way journal between me, Abby, Matt Meyers, and Matt Ludlow. We're about halfway through our first one.
34. I just like to write a lot. I'm not saying I'm good, I'm just saying I like it.
35. Although..I did get the only A on that one assignment in college writing. :)
36. And My papa says I'm a good writer.
37. I love my papa. He's the best. I can guarantee it.
38. I really do believe in Jesus Christ. And that he is the savior of this world. And that he is my big brother.
39. My oldest brother is Derek. He's a got a wife. and a little baby on the way. I love new babies.
40. My other big brother is Adam. He is a goofus. {don't be a goofus. Don't be a goofus! Name that movie..} He freaks a lot. Like everyone in my family. :) but he is brilliant. and he has a bigger heart than anyone I know.
41. My younger brother Nathan holds the specialest {it's a word. deal.} of all places in my heart. If you don't know why, ask somebody else. I don't like to talk about it. Unless you're Matt. Then I talk about it too much probably.
42. I enjoy rollerskating from time to time. And I still like Classic Skating, because I didn't grow up here.
43. I had a BBC News phase, but recently I don't like to know exactly what's going on in the world. It just..scares me. It really always has. Ask Adam. and my mom.
44. I don't know why God gave me everything good in this world. But I sure am grateful.
45. I would be nowhere without the amazing friends I've been fortunate enough to gather.
46. I don't like goodbyes..because I usually make myself a fool. I'm bad at them. They're weird..hard..and awkward for me. always.
47. It really doesn't take a lot to make me happy. Mostly, just a certain amount of sugar in my blood.
48. That's because I'm hypoglycemic. It's not a big deal.
49. I want to be married in the temple someday. But not soonish. Gimme 5 years. at least. please?
50. I'm one of those people that chews on their pens at school. And I don't think it's gross. I like to believe my mouth is relatively clean.
51. I'm always have a bunch of crap with me wherever I go. Like. camera, phone, water bottle, keys, wallet..I bring em all wherever I go.
52. I document my life, and the lives of all my friends, with my camera. I'm always taking pictures.
53. But I'm not a photographer. I can't make my pictures look all great and deep like some people can. I wish I could.
54. Sometimes I tend to be violent. but not for reals. I just..throw stuff. and.. hit people..but I'm a weakling. It's not like it hurts.
55. let's just say..I'm not short.
56. Recently, I like to shout "You're good!!" at people. All the time.
57. It's not like I hate the mountains here, I just LOVED and MISS those beautiful red mountains of St. George.
58. I like hiking. Even though I suck a breathing during such an activity. It's just..chill. and fun. and you discover lovely places.
59. It's not like I talk tons, but when I do talk I like to be heard. So when I'm in a big group of people, i talk loud. Just. Deal with it. I don't wanna forget what I was gonna say.
60. Which happens. a LOT.
61. I like to sing a lot of times. and I can memorize lyrics easily. I've been singing my whole life. It comes with being a Petersen. but mostly I do it cause I enjoy it.
62. AFHS CHAMBER CHOIR 2009-2010.
63. I wanna learn to play the guitar. And I want to have fun singing time with my second grade class.
64. If you didn't gather, I want to teach second grade. It is the best grade. You color. Love books. learn to add numbers. learn the months of the year. learn to be nice. learn to listen. have singing time. It. is. the. best. IN LOVE with it.
65. I have a money-spending problem. Matt helps out with that, though.
66. I know I'm spoiled. You don't have to tell me.
67. But I don't think I'm a brat about it.
68. I like typing stuff. I can't wait to go to college and have my own laptop so that I can type all my notes in class. That makes me uber stoked.
69. When I'm not feeling shy, I can converse with ALMOST anyone. Abby says I'm empathetic. But really. I could get into a good, deep conversation with..your grandma? a friend? That lady at the grocery store? As long as there wasn't any pressure, and not a bunch of people listening in.
70. I make a good listener. I promise. Ask anyone.
71. I like doing YOGA. and NO MORE TROUBLE ZONES. They hurt. It's satisfying.
72. I enjoy music. like..all music. Rock is my all-time favorite, but I've always liked Rascal Flatts. Then I went through that 60's rock phase, which I still utterly love, but recently I like to listen to crappy rap on the radio with Matt. It's funny. and fun. And gives you lots of energy. It's best on the radio, because the radio is censored. for the most part.
73. I hate it when I'm driving around and I can feel that my car's alignment is off. It bugs the crap out of me. But not literally.
74. There is this one hill by my house, down the street from the temple, that I love to go down because I don't have to push the brakes or the gas the whole way down and my car just goes perfectly 5 over the speed limit. It may be the most satisfying thing ever.
75. I hate it when people don't use their blinkers when they're driving. Or when their blinker is on for no reason. Therefore, I always use my signal appropriately.
76. I like to scrapbook I guess, but mostly in bursts. I should learn to do a little each week, but usually i just do a bunch at a time. I'm way behind on this year's scrapbook.
77. Can you believe I'm almost 19? So weird.
78. I love my family. a whole heck of a lot. There's a bunch of us. We're crazy together. We're close. It's unique. and I love it. I hope to produce such a family. Way to go, parents.
79. I belong to the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I know who I am. I know God's plan. I'll follow him in faith.
80. I like primary songs still. I know like..all of them.
81. During the school year I always went to bed by 9, because I knew I had to wake up early. This summer, I go to bed around midnight every night and usually wake up at 6:30 to feed my brother. I think I don't mind going to bed so late because I always figure "it's summer. I can sleep in the middle of the day." but I like to be productive, so I rarely do that. It's beginning to catch up with me.
82. I have a great deal of amount of love for some of my high school teachers. Ingersoll. Shelley. Selytina. Dzubak. Warby. to name a few.
83. Brielle Porter. Long story short, Heavenly Father KNEW we needed each other. I'm a hundred percent positive that we were even best friends in heaven.
84. My heart holds a great amount of love for Audie Bishop and Monica Law. They were my most favorite Y.W leaders ever. They loved me. You know?
85. I like to make chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips.
86. That's a lie. I like to make chocolate chip cookie dough without the chocolate chips. and then just eat the dough.
87. I'm determined to become a really really really good cook in college.
88. I'm gonna cook dinner for my boyfriends every Sunday at SUU.
89. Boyfriends meaning Boys that are my just-friends. Or if I ever get one that isn't. :)
90. I HATE feet. hate hate hate. They're ugly. All of them. Especially my brother Adam's when we were younger. I think that's why I hate them. Don't worry, his are better now, but the loath is still there.
91. I love vintage things. and memory lane. but not my memory lane so much as other peoples.
92. when I think of something funny, it's the hardest thing ever in the world for me to hold back a smile on my face.
93. It's also hard when someone texts me something funny. I can't hide my emotions while texting. I frown, smile, or laugh out loud. Every time.
94. I don't like mustard, and I only like ketchup on hot dogs.
95. I am IN LOVE with fry sauce though. I could marry it.
96. I love trees. the big kind. Good for climbing, looking at, and building tree houses in.
97. I'm still mad that the people who moved into my first house cut down that huge tree.
98. I hold grudges. I'm sorry. But at least I'll tell you why I'm mad at you. SOME people don't even give you that courtesy.
99. I like that ice cream with all the bright colors. Superman, I think it's called.
100. I like to eat ramen noodles with my friends. We sometimes have ramen noodle parties.
101. We're also known for having banana parties.
102. I still love all those old disney movies. Aladdin, Lion King, Toy Story, Sleeping Beauty.
103. I love the Swan Princess too, but it's not a disney movie.
104. My favorite movie is Gladiator. Second place is a two-way tie for Sandlot and the Goofy Movie.
105. when doing a school project, I like to work alone. I don't like group projects. I don't like relying on other people for my grade. Plus, I work better alone.
106. I. am. NOT. most likely to be a vet. I don't even like animals that much.
107. Except our dog Mrs. Bones. She's alright.
108. I adore Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Russel Crowe, and Julia Roberts.
109. I love old Doris Day movies.
110. I think it's funny the Jake Hess' favorite movie is "You've Got Mail."


  1. can i just tell you that I love your blog. and i think you are one of the most beautiful girls i've ever seen? I mean, you truly are stunning. and bright. Keep blogging away please. :)

  2. Kiri. :) I like you. A whole lot. Thanks. :)You know what? I reallllllly enjoy your blog too. Always.

  3. ok. i loved reading all these. and remembering the fun little middle school times at your house swimming and watching kid movies. and in 3rd grade at recess. i love that you want to be a 2nd grade teacher, and i'm super excited for you. also, i love your blog. a lot :)

  4. Oh boy Kalynn. You make me laugh and want to cry all at the same time. I miss you more. and more. every time you post, especially this one. you will always have that special place in my heart, and have helped me so much. You are so amazing. In every way. Thank you.

  5. Alexa! I totally thought about you while I was writing some of these. Especially 40. "Don't be a goofus!" Cause we used to say that to each other all the time. :) haha.

    Whitney! I love you so much. :)

  6. I love you my dear. And I saw your animated face while you were texting this weekend. It made me laugh silently. Of all 110 things for me to respond to...that was definitely not the most important. I know.