"It's 5:00 and I haven't eaten anything today.."


--Direct quote from Matthew David Ludlow.

So,naturally, Matt and I go to Mimi's Cafe.

Because sometimes we do that.

Actually, yesterday was Matthew's first time there.

We both love the place. The food is delicious. Matt got french toast, and I got Cajun Chicken Alfredo. But the food wasn't even the best part.

  • the forks were super long so as to be able to stab more food and thus fill you faster.
  • the bread was filled with raisins. It was gross. But very entertaining.
  • Matt put his straw wrapper around the pepper, and we decided that those shakers were us getting married. So we decided on a date. September 1, 2013. We really hope you'll come.
  • Matt discovered that he's a wonderful photographer.
Mostly, I really just enjoy going to lunch with my best friend. We have a good time.

Yours truly,


  1. awwwwwww kalynn. sounsd like a fun lunch ;) also. it's 2 o clock and I haven't eaten anything. so i can relate. man. when i come visit, can we go to mimi's? love you!

  2. Certainly! I'm always up for a Mimi's run!!

  3. that sounds so fun! i love spontaneous things like that. and mimi's is fabulous. my favorite is the one in vegas. and cajun chicken is amazing.