Ode to Summer:


Here's to:
:summer hikes.
-Tuesday I went on a group date with my good friend Jordan Gunderson and 12 other fun personalities I haven't seen since graduation. We went on a fun five mile hike up a nearby mountain to see some waterfalls. Only..we never did find those waterfalls..

:summer fishing!
-I've been waiting my entire life for this moment! And finally I was granted the opportunity. My dear friends Jared Hall, Mikelle Pyne, Matthew Ludlow, and I took J-Hall's truck to Lone Peak {approx. 1 min. away from my home} and did some serious night fisihing..for my first time ever! Matt caught some moss...but other than that the catching was on the down side..nothing. But it's okay..we sort of expected that, so we brought some Sweedish fish for our enjoyment.

:summer biking.
-tandem biking that is! Matt's dad bought a tandem bike a few years back, but no one used it for a long time because the tube in the back wheel had a hole. So we repaired it the best we could and it actually lasted us a good long bike ride! Matt's quite the handy man. We rode all over town and everyone we passed smiled and waved, because everyone thinks tandem bikes are the cutest thing ever. Which they are. But all good things come to an end and finally our poor tubing job just couldn't handle it anymore and it went completely flat. I think next time we feel like biking, we'll just go buy a new tube..:summer nickel cade nights!
-We've fallen in love with this place. There are so many great games! It's a fantastic way to have a wonderful time.

p.s. we love DDR.



  1. Do you remember in 5th grade when we rode the tandem bike to school? Those were the days :). O
    And one question. Do you still collect those stickers that come off of clothes??? Lindsey is collecting hotel keys and it made me think of your random collection :) haha love you and miss you so very much!

  2. hahaha Whit. I SO remember that! Didn't it break down on the way? haha. So I no longer have that collection. SADLY! haha. i miss you too. :) all the time.

  3. Yes, or the leetle gears would catch going up the hill and give us heart attacks. And whatever did you do with the collection? hehe. Kalynn, i am glad you remember everthing people say...and hopefully do cause I long for the restaurant days at your house, playing hide and seek in your playroom and laying on the shelves we werent supposed to lay on, singing hymns and recording them for nathan for hours in your room...I could go on for hours but it would probably become nausiating :) but i don't want to forget. Ya know?

  4. hahaha. Whitney! I'm way ridiculously happy that you remember all of that too! haha. Those shelves. I love that they broke. haha. We had SUCH good times as kids. I'm so glad you were there. You were really good for me at that time in my life. :) I'm glad that we still keep in touch.