I know I'm a few days late but..
Dear America,
you are now 234 years old. Happy birthday! and happy Independence Day to everybody else.

The 4th of July has always been my favorite holiday. My family always makes a big deal out of holidays, and it's always been exceptionally fun. It's something I definitely want to carry on when I have my own family someday. What goes down is, first I make us some cute
star-shaped rice krispy treats with red, white, and blue sprinkles.

Then my papa grills us the best steak in the world and we all gather for a delicious family BBQ. My parents never leave anything out. There's always steaks, hot dogs, chicken, salad, watermelon, chips and salsa..the works. We eat until we can't eat anymore. And then we squish in a serving of my mama's delicious mud pie.
Then we all gather outside and play croquet! I'm probably the worst croquet player you'll ever know. Actually, not even probably. I just know I am. Believe me.

Then we all part ways to do fireworks with our friends. This year me and my friends went to the park next to the Provo temple to watch the Stadium of Fire fireworks. We had a pretty decent view, and it was a lot of fun. Fireworks are my favorite. LOVE EM.
And then if there's time I bring my friends back home to do some street fireworks that we purchased earlier. This year there wasn't time, but we did them on the 5th of July, which was still just as fun.

Do you have any great Independence Day traditions?
Tell me.

Life is good, huh?
-Kalynn Eve.


  1. uhh...234 years old maybe? haha :)

  2. hahaha. That's what I meant. I'll change it. :)

  3. i remember playing with you on the fourth of july! and i remember that it is your favorite holiday! and i miss you. and we should find a way to celebrate together next year.