A weekend comprises the two traditionally non-working days in a seven-day week..


Family reunion.


To be honest I wasn't the most excited person in the world for it. But looking back, I don't really know why I wasn't. Because it was a blast, and I should've known that it would be. I always have a good time with the whole fam damily. (Grandpa Stott's favorite thing to say. {I'm his spitting image.})

The plans were to meet up at Discovery Park at noon. What really happened though was, me and mother and grandpa Stott and my step-grandma Zelda sat around at the park until 2:00 when everyone got there. We started things off by taking turns in groups playing bocci ball and badminton.

  • although, this little kid {my cousin's son} tried to accomplish both at the same time. Adorable, yeah?

Other activities included a family BBQ, skits/program, learning about the elderly of the family, chatting, coloring, crafts, water balloon volleyball, pinata, eating candy, and..
the water fight.
My family brought water guns as part of our skit thing and that's where it all began. I had all the little munchkins on my side as we tried to get Julie and Derek. We ran around and around that pavilion doing our best to soak my older siblings. When Derek and I were drenched we decided to take a picture together.
  • That's when this little beauty was captured.
Just as Julie snapped the pic., my cousin D.J. comes around with a huge bowl of water and totally pwns us unaware. I have to admit: he got us good.
don't worry though. With a really great plan, we got him back. :)
  • here's us together soaking at the end of the night. {I promise he's just as wet and I am, you just can't tell cause his hair isn't as long.}

Saturday presented a baseball game in Brigham City.

That's just a random city about 2 hours north of here.

It was a lot of fun. Driving two hours with some of my favorite people {Matthew Ludlow, Matthew Finn, Alyssa Jensen...And Benji Shepard, but I don't really know him.} was certainly a great time. Whether it was racing the hispanic kids that kept waving at us, Matt's riddles, not being able to find a bathroom, too much candy and popcorn, losing 24-2 {when those boys are normally really good}, being squished by tired boys, or watching fireworks and being celebratory of Steel Days on the way home, I wasn't bored for a single second.

-Kalynn Eve.


  1. Dear Kalynn,
    I need to tell you something. It might sound weird. But I adore you. You are one of the most incredible, strong, intriguing people I have ever had the pleasure of coming across. I also love your blog. It is a true source of happiness. One question, how do you edit your pictures so look so great? Is it a program or something of the sorts? Let me know. I love you bunches.

  2. wow..Thanks Lauren! You're so nice.. is a free photoshop type website. I mean, you can pay extra do be able to do more stuff on it, but they have enough on the basic free program. so yeah. :)