Apple juice and Yoga..


The thing is,
is that i. love. to. practice. yoga.

and have you ever heard of Jillian Michaels? She's the main woman on The Biggest Loser show. Anyway. She puts her own little spin on yoga in one of her DVDs that my mother purchased for me.

You should have seen me the day after the first time I did it. Maybe it's because I did both levels in the same session. Just. I'd done plenty of yoga before, so I thought I could handle it! I was as sore as really sore. But that was clear back at the beginning of the summer. And I've done this same DVD almost everyday this summer. That's how much I love yoga. It really does make me happy.'d think that after a half of a summer it would be less exhausting... no. I'm not sore at all from it anymore, but holy. heck. It wears me out. Which..actually makes me feel really relaxed and soothed and balanced. So..haha. It's great like that. That's why I love doing yoga.

also. I've drunk a lot of apple juice today.



  1. i love yoga too!
    i love the balanced feeling it provides. nothing is better.