I could've gone to bed at 5 and still slept all night.


That's how tired I am.
I work 7-4 every day. meaning I have to get up at 6. And this entire week I don't get to take my lunch break, because I had to take some time off last Friday to go buy my new car* so that I would be able to get to work on Monday, and we have to make up work we miss. So that's 9 hours a day for me. Then I come home and workout, eat dinner with my family, and wait patiently for Matthew to get back from his brother's house in Sandy. Typically, he gets back around 9:30 or 10:00, which sucks for me because I have to get up at 6:00, remember? But it's not like I can just NOT see the boyfriend. I have to. So I've been getting approximately 5 hours of sleep each day. (totally worth it, I might add.)

Today after I finished my work out, I was doing a bit of stretches and guess what happened? I fell asleep mid-stretch. You know the one where you spread your legs as wide as you can and put your forehead to the floor? fell asleep with my forehead on the floor. 

So even though I haven't been getting any sleep lately, I am ever so grateful that I can literally fall asleep anytime, anywhere. And right now, I finally have time for a 2 hour nap before the boyfriend will be back. Lucky me, huh!? 

I have to admit...I'm loving it all.**

Don't you just love summertime? Even though I haven't had a sno-cone yet, the boyfriend and I have been on zillions of dates lately, and i have a feeling it will start getting warmer soon. I can tell, because people keep telling me I'm tan! How does that happen?! woot!

Tell me, how are each of your summers going?
Also, why haven't any of you called me to hang out yet?!
Do iiittttt.

*the transmission on Bernard died...I cried. at work. while on the phone with a client. cause that's when I got the text from my mom. Bernard will never be forgotten.This also means that I have to make car payments now. Because, technically, Bernard belonged to my mama. New car belongs to me. In full. And I now have to pay. in full. boo. New Car is a Black, 2008 VW Jetta. She's super cute. And despite my mourning for Bernard, I love her.

**Except job isn't my favorite. but I'm lucky enough that I will be able to make enough for that new car, an apartment for next year, and my fall semester of schooling at BYU. I am a child of God. It's utterly obvious.

p.s. Glee!! YES!! Seriously. so happy about Rach and Finn. 
how does everyone feel about Mercedes and Sam?....hmm...


  1. 1. I can't believe you bought a car!?! I'm extremely jealous yet excited for you. I'm trying to convince my parents to at least buy me a scooter for Provo. ha. We'll see.
    2. Your schedule makes me tired. I don't know how you're doing it.
    3. I want to meet this Matt kid someday. I feel like I know him since I read about him so much on your blog. :)
    4. I was so ososososos happy about Rachel and Fin. But way ticked they didn't even place. Also. I don't like Mercedes. I LOVE SAM THOUGH.

    Oh and I also really admire you.

  2. Kay. Love this post. I'm leaving for a couple weeks but the minute I get home. Check your phone. My name will be on the screen. Also...Glee!!! Finally. I don't know about Mercedes and Sam...weird. Can we have a Glee party this summer. Great. Love you.