ah, life.


 Tonight was spent with a couple of my favorite boys.
<3 Matthew Meyers, Matthew Ludlow, Jordan Gunderson, Braden Perucca <3
As we sat eating our snow cones, I realized that all of these boys will be on missions by the end of the year.
They're basically my only friends these days.
What will I do when they're all gone?
Who will I pass time with?
I feel like I need some girl friends. 
Any takers?
I like watching the notebook whilst eating pineapple.
And I'll even share.


  1. Kalynn, can I be a girl friend? Besides my roommates, I don't really have any of those either :)

  2. ooo ooo pick me! I wanna be one of your girl friends
    :) I know I live an hour away, but seriously please call me anytime and I would love to come up :)

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  4. story of my life. i'm totally a taker homie. come here and play with me (PS we're going to the same school in fall...) :)

  5. A chance to hang out with Kalynn is like a chance to listen to see Justin Bieber in concert. Or it's like eating a really really really good dinner. Or it's like just really really really loving life. That's about it.