Honesty is the best policy.


Once upon a time, 14-year-old-Kalynn thought it would be funny to try to sign up as an EFY counselor. So she got on the BYU website, filled out the application, and simply changed her birth year to an older one. A few years later, 18-year-old-Kalynn decides that BYU is the college for her. She sends an application: denied. She felt like she had done well enough on the ACT and in high school to get in, so she appeals her application. She gets a letter from BYU: "It looks like we switched your ACT score with another Kalynn Eve Petersen who has your exact birthday, except a few years older. However, we have received a record number of applicants this year, and we still cannot accept you. Please re-apply again next semester." Being the stubborn woman I am, I just decided that I wasn't supposed to go there, and went on down to SUU.

Fast forward to present.

Yesterday I went down to BYU to see if they had received my transcripts yet. I'd sent them about 4 times, but BYU kept saying that hadn't received them. So I went to see what the big idea was. When they said that they still hadn't gotten them, I told them about the mix up that happened the first time I tried to apply there, and asked them to check if my transcripts were sent to that other mysterious Kalynn Eve Petersen. Guess what? MY transcripts WERE sent to her! My counselor thought it was so weird that there was this other girl with my exact name and birthday, that she asked me what the last four numbers of my SSN were. Hm. Same as this other Kalynn's. 

Here's what's going on. TWO versions of ME exist on BYU's records. I was competing with MYSELF to get in the first time! One of my records applied to BYU without any ACT score at all, the other applied with my ACT. The half of me that I didn't know about got accepted! boo, huh?! 

all because I told a lie.


  1. Kalynn that sucks!!! Hahaha oh man. At least you are at byu now huh?! Haha

  2. oh my goodness! I can't believe that actually happened wow.... I love you kalynn! :) I am happy you finally figured it out tho!

  3. this is so funny! great story :)

  4. This blew my mind a little bit. Remember when I had a dream we were gypsies? k me too.