Ask, and ye shall receive.


1: This morning in my prayer, I asked that I might be able to come across someone that I could serve in some way. At work, there was a big group of new people moving in, and one lady was nervous because she felt like she didn't retain any of the information she had just learned throughout the whole day of training. So I let her watch me do a couple calls, let her ask me as many questions as she needed, and listened in on her first call in case she still had questions. Which is something all ATLs do, but today was my first day as an ATL. See? Ask, and ye shall receive.

2: Speaking of ATL. I think it was a week or two ago that my supervisor called me into the training room and told me that he was going to promote me to be an ATL in a couple of weeks. He said that along with the promotion came a 50 cent raise! Today, he called me in again.
"You ready to become an ATL now!?"
"yeah! sure!"
"How much did I tell you your raise would be?"
"50 cents. So that puts me at $9.50. but we could make it $10.00 if you want! hah..:)"
"Okay. Let's make it $10.00." 
[Not to mention that being an ATL also comes with weekly bonuses! woot!]
I'm tellin' ya! Ask, and ye shall receive!

3: Tonight at the gym, I went to one of those sculpting classes. I've kind of been wanting to do a kickboxing class for quite some time, so after my class got over, I asked if they had any kickboxing classes. The instructor said that they didn't anymore, but she was the one that used to teach it and she'd do one with me right then! A couple of people from the previous class stayed and it was so much fun. We're gonna try to make it every week! ASK, and ye shall receive.

Love, Kay

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