I still love the Olsen twins.


It's been forever, blah, blah, etc.

My internet has been down for an eternity. I've been anxious to get it back up for two reasons. 1 being that I really need to do my college grant application. Obviously blogging comes before that. Second being that I needed to purchase my Pass of all Passes. 

Who knew that the Lehi Trafalga had free rock climbing if you have the pass of all passes? who knew? Why didn't you tell me earlier?! You all knew I fell in love with it down at SUU! (one of the only things I fell in love with Cedar City.) Anyway, I am stoked. You should all hit it up as well.

Guess what happened today? 
I woke up thirty minutes later than I should have.
Usually this type of thing gets me really p.o'd, 
cause then I'm scrambling and I'll be late for work and all that great stuff.
but today I realized that I have the choice to make my day great if I want to.
and so I just simply didn't let it bug me!
and all this stupid ridiculous stuff kept happening at work
and I'm telling ya, I could have had a really rotten day.
but I told myself that I could have the best day ever.

And that's what happened.

I dare you to try it.

p.s. The boyfriend realllllly knows how to grill a good burger. 
Go ask him for one.
He'll prove it.

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