Hi, my name's Kalynn and I'm with Myler Disability Law Firm.


Today I started my first day of work at my new job.
Allow me to tell you a little about it.
Myler Disability is a law firm that helps people who become injured, or who have a disease, and therefore unable to work, obtain their Social Security money early.
My part of the job is to answer phone calls of potential clients, or if they have left a message on our website, then I contact them and I go through the application process with them.
Can I tell you that, especially on the first day, it's really scary to know that someone may or may not get that money because of me?
Simply because that application is the first step in a multiple-year long process, and if I record something's all my fault. 
So after only a day of training and paperwork, i was ridiculously nervous for my first phone call.
But guess what?
It wasn't even that bad.
I probably took longer than it would normally take, but it was my first day.
And I don't think I made any mistakes...
But it's fun, and I'm learning sooo much about about law.
who knew, right?

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  1. My mom works at Myler! She's not in the DLC though. Her name is Robin, she's nice. You can sit by her at lunch. Also, John from Kid History works there too!