Welcome to your new old life.


I am finally home for the summer!!
It's truly fantastic.

It's wonderful knowing that never again will I have to return to crazy old Cedar City for my education.
See, I wasn't liking SUU, so the options were...

-attend UVU, USU, BYU, or THE U.
-run away and get an education in Spain
-OR. stay at SUU...

Don't get me wrong, SUU itself wasn't really the problem. But I'm bad at Cedar and I'm bad at roommates and I'm bad at not having money. But I kept talking to myself and my parents about these problems. I felt like I should leave Cedar, but I was so confused. Why did God feel that it was so necessary for me to go to SUU if I was only going to stay there for a year? But my college ward's bishop's words kept coming back into my mind, which were simply to "keep praying." I did so, and soon after, I opened up to: 

D&C 30: 1-4.

I was amazing how every word was for me. I have such a testimony of the scriptures answering our prayers. And although I had always wanted to go to BYU, and I was still a little upset the first time about not being able to go there, I am so glad that I am finally receiving the opportunity. I'll be where God wants me to be.

You all knew my plans, but this is how they came to be. And I am so excited about them. I am going to live with my very most best girl {emphasis on the "girl" so Matthew doesn't pee his pants.}  friend in the entire world, Miss Brielle Porter. We go way back, and we've ne'er had a quarrel. It's cause we're both honest and open. More Girls really need to learn those skills.

Anyway, so here's to being home, summertime, finding a job, having money, getting tan, watching Matthew play baseball in his hot baseball pants, and spending a lot of time with old friends and family.

I hope you are all enjoying yourselves as well.

 Love, Kalynn Eve.


  1. I am so happy for you Kalynn :) You are going to love it. I can't wait to hear all about it. I love you.

  2. I love this post!
    BYU is going to be a ten billion million billion times of a better place with Kalynn Peterson there. I can't wait to run into you on campus, visit you and Bri in your apartment, and just hang out with you. I hope you have a fantastic summer Kay, I miss you! I'll be seeing you soon enough though! :)