This is getting out of control.


I want to go to Disneyland. I HAVE to go. 
I'm going to have to be patient though. I have to save my money for tuition, 
and then I WILL go to Disneyland.
and I'm making the boyfriend come with me. 
It probably won't be at least until the end of July, or even early August.
And I'll probably have to do the whole,
drive-up-Friday, Disneyland-on-Saturday, Drive-home-Sunday deal,
but I don't even care.
I have to go to that magical little land.
I have to ride the teacups.
and go on space mountain.
and Soarin' Over California
and Tower of Terror.
And Indiana Jones.
and the lame-but ever so fun, Star Wars ride.
And Splash Mountain.
And watch the parade!
and see the fireworks!
And hopefully see a prince or two!
{Not THAT important, since I'll be bringing mine with me. :) }
I wonder if they've got Rapunzel there yet...
Who knows!
But. It's all I can think about.
disneyland. disneyland. disneyland.

If anyone knows of way to get discounts on tickets, that'd be fabulous.

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