Take a look at yourself.


I find that a majority of the time, I allow myself to be disappointed in people;
getting frustrated that they fell below some unbinding expectation I subconsciously placed upon them.
But who am I to bind expectations to anyone but myself?
I can't change a person.
I can only change me.
And now that I've realized that, I find that I am able to be proud of those around me;
recognizing their successes instead of their shortcomings. (or at least trying harder to.)
The world really is a wonderful place, my friends.

p.s. Two finals down, two to go. :) This week hasn't turned out to be that bad at all! I love finals week! It means summer is SO FRRRREAKKING CLOSE!!
Seriously, I am so happy!
Except that everyone around me is ornery.. but I'm not judging..


  1. hey. watch it, dude. i'm not ornery.

  2. love this post kalynn! It is so true! Great insight! :) thanks for posting it.

  3. love this, kiln. :) good luck on those last two finals. tell me next time you're in stg cause i'm here!