Reaching for summer.


Thoughts of summertime consume my mind 24/7.
10 reasons why I'm ridiculously anxious for summer:

1: Reading, outside, on a blanket with the warm sun beaming down on you. It's such a great feeling.
2: Picnics. I've already promised/ warned the boyfriend that he will become very fond of them.
3: Swimming! and actually being tan. I hate this layer of whiteness all over me.
4: Summer foods! Cherries, strawberries, pineapple, watermelon, blackberries, banana smoothies....mmmm.
5: Summer dresses and shorts. iiiii misssss themmmmm.
6: you can always do cool things like...wake up early to watch the sunrise on Dixie rock, without freezing to death.
7: BBQ's. 'nough said.
8: Bike rides! I love tandem biking with Matthew in the summertime. It's the best thing ever.

night-time bonfires. camping in the backyard. making s'mores with Reeses.10: Driving with the windows down, sunglasses on, music blasting...

How much longer must we endure this frigid weather?


  1. Yeah, you got me into the summer fever just from reading this. LOVE IT!

  2. same here. cant wait. I think us St. George girls really understand the awesome meaning of summer. hah

  3. this post made me summer sick. before we move back north, lets take a saturday and go down early, watch the sunrise on Dixie Rock and have a picnic. pleaseeeee? i love you kay.

  4. hey. let's play lots this summer since we both have best friends that will be leaving us for a very long time........