Amongst all these farewells, it's been nice to have someone RETURN from a mission.


And that someone is my dear brother, Adam.
And he loves me so much that he came down to Cedar City
JUST to visit me!
to take my hot roommate out on a date...

haha. :) I told you I've been doing some matchmaking.
First, we all climbed up to St. George's ocean and chilled
for a bit before we headed on over to Iceberg for some delicious shakes. long has it been you've all been lazer tagging and glow-in-the-dark mini-golfing?
years? Centuries? I know, right?! But it was so much fun!
I missed that Lazer Mania place.

also. Matthew makes my heart happy. Now just TRY and tell me that they wouldn't make a cute couple.
Cross your fingers with me!

I could totally deal with that girl being around for forever.

Here's to a three day weekend! I hope you all enjoy yours. :)
Love, Kalynn.


  1. Looks like you had an awesome time! and just thought you should watch this you little matchmaker ;)

  2. Why are you so freaking pretty??

    I like your skilllss. Kelsey and Adam. Yes.