--George Scialabba


"Perhaps imagination is only intelligence having fun."

Lately, I've had a lot of fun:

Eating at Brick Oven with Matthew.

Kicking butt in Black Jack at Casino Night.

Going to each of our favorite pizza places.
Kay: Little Caesars.
Matt: Papa Murphy's.
Em: Pizza Hut.

Playing Black Jack Dare, and having to stand in Alex's toilet...

Watching Alex and Emily suck at suck or blow, and ending up having to kiss.
I'm a fetchin' matchmaker. da best in da town, yo.

Getting cute notes from Emily to brighten my morning.

What do you have fun doing?

Adam countdown: 2 days!!!


  1. HAHAHAHAHAH that pic of Alex kissing is the BEST. Looks like your having so much fun. I want your life :) Your the best

  2. Kalynn....I love you, but the pic of us playing suck or blow I do not. haha. You should have taken a picture of the kiss haha not what led up to it. However, I have LOVED spending all of these fun times with you and can't wait for the rest we still have yet to come. :)